Pivotell are pleased to advise that their range of automatic pill dispensers have obtained formal registration as Medical Devices. These are:


Pivotell® Advance

Pivotell® Advance GSM

Pivotell® Mk3/11

The Swedish manufacturer of Pivotell dispensers, Pharmacell AB, (marketed in Sweden as the Careousel) has obtained registration from the Swedish National Authority responsible for regulation and surveillance of the development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs and other medicinal products. The registration is valid throughout the EU. Click here to see the Medical Device Certificate.

Pivotell® dispensers are widely used by Health and Social Care professionals as part of a care package for vulnerable older people and those with learning difficulties who have difficulty remembering to take their medication. They can have a dramatic impact upon medication compliance and safety, reducing hospital admissions and improving quality of life.

If you are not sure which Dispenser is best for you or your family member please review our Comparative Features Chart:  Pivotell Dispensers Comparative Features.pdf

Key Points:


PivoTell® Automatic Pill Dispensers

PivoTell® Mk 3/11 Pill Dispenser

  • This dispenser is suitable for those with confusion or learning difficulties and for whom the blister packs and dossett boxes are no longer a reliable way to access medication.
  • Some assessment may be necessary to ascertain its suitability.
  • Reduces the risk of over dosage or medication not being taken at all.

PivoTell® Plus Pill Dispenser

  • The 'Pivotell Plus' dispenser is suitable for those who may require more support than offered by the Pivotell Mk 3/11 dispenser
  • The 'PivoTell Plus' dispenser has all of the features of the Mk 3 dispenser but also includes a GSM module which will send text and e-mail warning messages to family or friends if :
    • Medication is not taken on time
    • If left upside down
    • There is a device error
    • There are only four doses remaining in the tray
    • The batteries need replacing
  • The user and family have the re-assurance that if an adverse event occurs family or friends will be warned and an Emergency Service call out may be avoided.

Pivotell® Pager  Pill Dispenser - powered by

  • The Pivotell Pager is suitable for those who are deaf or who have hearing impairment
  • At the alarm time the integral transmitter activates any in-range Bellman® Visit 868 System receiver which will vibrate, flash or sound an alarm to warn the user that it is time to take their medication.
  • All other functions are the same as the Pivotell Mk3/11 dispenser

Minitell Daily Pill Box and Reminder

  • Up to five daily alarms and five pill compartments
  • Alerts the user with a ‘beep’ and or vibration that it is medication time
  • Suitable for those ‘out and about’ who need a discreet reminder
  • Not suitable for those with confusion

Reminders and Watches

Mem-x Voice Reminder

  • Suitable for those with memory problems who will benefit from simple reminders in a familiar voice to perform daily tasks or reminders of events or perhaps anniversaries.
  • Stores up to 90 messages
  • Daily / weekly / monthly or one time messages
  • Simple to use / simple to programme

Cadex® Watch (including the Cadex Paediatric Watch)

  • Suitable for those who need reminders to perform regular daily tasks, for example, to take medication, liquids or meals
  • Up to 12 Daily Alarms (beep) with on screen text reminder messages and snooze function.
  • Red Alert Button (ICE) displays the database for Emergency Services use which includes:
  • Name
  • Personal medical condition
  • Allergies
  • Emergency contact details
  • Medications and due time
  • Blood group, Date of Birth, Doctors details etc
  • Normal time and date function

Vibralite 8 Vibrating watch

  • The Vibralite 8 is suitable for those who need reminders but who are deaf and hard of hearing
  • Vibrates and beeps at alarm times
  • 8 daily alarm times
  • Count down timer with auto repeat option is of great benefit to those on fixed interval medication e.g Parkinsons Disease.
  • Normal time and date function

Cordless DECT telephone worn on your wrist


  • Minifone is a small cordless phone worn on the wrist or as a pendant which gives security to the user and peace of mind to relatives, and friends.
  • Answer all of your incoming calls on the Minifone without having to find your normal home phone
  • Have a normal 'hands free' conversation wherever you are in the home or garden within the range of the base station
  • If you need assistance just press the two buttons and the Minifone will call the three pre-programmed emergency numbers of family, friends or neighbours
  • 24/7 Response Centre service available
PivoTell Dispensers for Professionals

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