Pivotell are pleased to advise that their range of automatic pill dispensers have obtained formal registration as Medical Devices. These are:


Pivotell® Advance

Pivotell® Advance GSM

Pivotell® Mk3/11

The Swedish manufacturer of Pivotell dispensers, Pharmacell AB, (marketed in Sweden as the Careousel) has obtained registration from the Swedish National Authority responsible for regulation and surveillance of the development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs and other medicinal products. The registration is valid throughout the EU. Click here to see the Medical Device Certificate.

Pivotell® dispensers are widely used by Health and Social Care professionals as part of a care package for vulnerable older people and those with learning difficulties who have difficulty remembering to take their medication. They can have a dramatic impact upon medication compliance and safety, reducing hospital admissions and improving quality of life.

If you are not sure which Dispenser is best for you or your family member please review our Comparative Features Chart:  Pivotell Dispensers Comparative Features.pdf