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Minifone - a DECT telephone worn on your wrist.


Click here for more information on how the Minifone works

If you would like the Minifone pre-programmed with your 3 chosen numbers email us on, so that we can program your watch before despatching it to you.

Please click here for more information on how the Minifone works


The standard black woven 'D ring' strap:


Minifone strap examples

Minifone - a DECT telephone worn on your wrist

The Minifone is a cordless telephone designed to help keep people safe in their homes.

Supplied with a small base station and charging unit the Minifone is easily connected to your existing telephone line.

Receive calls anywhere in your house or garden (see range below).

By pressing either of the two buttons you can answer any incoming call with the Minifone wherever you are in the house or garden. Calls can be answered immediately so you do not have to worry about missing them because you have not had time to get to your normal phone.

Automatically call your relatives or friends

By pressing the two buttons on the Minifone, you have can immediately call a relative, friend or neighbour. The Minifone will automatically call the first of the three pre-programmed telephone numbers chosen. If the first number is not answered, the second number will be called, and if this is also not answered the third number will be called. If none of the calls are answered the Minifone will call the first number again and repeat the process until a call is answered or the caller hangs up.

A black woven textile strap with velcro fastening is supplied as standard


Minifone Technical Specs

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