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The WatchU Guardian

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The WatchU Guardian - a wrist watch with SOS function, mobile phone and location tracking. Perfect for keeping in touch with active family who may not have a mobile phone.


The WatchU Guardian

A wrist watch with SOS function, mobile phone and location tracking.

Key Features

Secure - only those numbers programmed into the WatchU app on a smartphone can call the WatchU. Location tracking is also secure through the app. 

Emergency SOS calls

The wearer holds down the SOS button, which calls the pre-set contacts in the watch.  The GPS location tracking will also be updated automatically in the WatchU app and concerned family can easily identify where the user is at that time. 

Mobile Phone

Friends and family can call the wearer of the WatchU via the app, and  the wearer of the WatchU can call those numbers whenever they wish, not just in an emergency.  

Only pre-programmed numbers can call the watch, which are programmed into the app by the Administrator (usually a family member), which means no spam or unwanted calls. 

Smart Location - precise accuracy

Set Geo-Zones.  Geo-Zones are like a virtual radius around a location, like the home or village.  Every time the wearer leaves or enters the Geo-Zone the WatchU app will send an alert to the app, to keep track of wandering.


  • Listen-in function (call the watch without the wearer being alerted)
  • Voice messaging -  also send audio voice messages between the WatchU and the app.
  • Pedometer
  • Long Lasting Battery - up to 120 hours before charging via USB plug.
  • PAYG sim included with £3 credit. 

The Watch comes with a one year warranty and a 45 day money back guarantee.

IP54 - Not suitable for wearing whilst swimming / Bath or Shower.

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