e-pill® CADEX paediatric Watch and Databank

No longer available. You may find the Vibralite 8 or Vibralite Mini a good alternative.

Cadex databank watch on wristProgrammed by parents or carers, this watch reminder (audible alarm and text message) will alarm and message the wearer up to 12 times per day.

The watch also contains a Databank which holds valuable information for both the user and emergency services in the event of an adverse episode, for example, an epileptic fit.

Full description: 

The Cadex Watch reminds the user with a repeated 'beep' what he or she has to do at a given time, for example to take medication or take a drink. The watch has up to 12 daily alarms with programmable text reminder messages which scroll across the screen at the alarm time.

Once programmed the Cadex watch will continue to remind the user daily unless that alarm is switched off.

Press the 'ALERT' button and the following information will be available to the emergency services (similar to Medical ID bracelet):

  • Personal medical condition e.g. Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Parkinsons
  • Allergic reactions e,g Penicillin, Bee sting, Nuts
  • Emergency contact details
  • Medications and due time
  • Blood group
  • Date of birth
  • Doctors details

The watch has a normal digital time and date function.

Not Suitable for Hearing Impaired
Do not wear in shower or swimming pool

Note: This device, when used, may disclose confidential patient information.

Program up to 12 daily medication reminders (beep sound alarm) and optional reminder text message (name and strength of medication or other prompts - Medical Information). The Message scrolls across the display. NO RESET required - Alarms repeat at the same time every day.

'Medical Snooze' - The paediatric Cadex watch enables the wearer to cancel the alarm by pressing a button once. It then gives a subtle double beep reminder every three minutes (+ text message) for 4 hours, until medications have been taken or task performed. The wearer then cancels the reminder by pressing a button. It also features a practical master switch for parents to turn off all alarms (for example, if at the cinema or have similar need for silence, and the child can be reminded by an adult).

The size of the watch is the same as the adult but the easy-to-change Velcro strap adjusts to the growing child's wrist.

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