How the Cadex Reminder Works

The Cadex® reminds the user with a repeated 'beep' when he or she has to take medication or what he or she has to do at pre-programmed times. The data bank holds valuable information for both the user and emergency services in the event of an adverse medical episode, for example, an epileptic fit.

Peace of mind on your wrist.

Cadex Medical Reminder Watch on wrist

Once programmed with the buttons on the side, the Cadex® will continue to remind the user daily -

Up to 12 Daily Alarms with programmable text reminder messages and snooze function

Press the Alert button to show:

  • Personal medical condition e.g: Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Aphasia, Parkinson's
  • Allergic reactions e.g. Peniccillin, Bee sting, Nuts
  • Emergency contact details
  • Medications and due time
  • Blood group, Date of Birth, Doctors details etc
  • Normal time and date function
Cadex Medical Reminder Watch

This is the basket Message

This is the basket Message