How the Mem-x Voice Reminder Works

Mem-x is a voice memory aid designed for those with some memory loss, it tells the user in a pre-recorded voice all they have to do at that time, from special events to taking medication.

We believe that the Mem-x reminder is a very useful aid for those with cognitive difficulties who can carry on living independently provided that they are prompted to perform regular and occasional tasks by a familiar voice.


MEM-X FRONT FACE - the Listening Side - simple, comforting, and dedicated to the user.

At the precise time required the alarm sounds. On the press of the large blue button the pre-recorded message is heard.

Up to 90 messages can be stored, each up to 10 seconds in length.

For example:
8.00 a.m. 'It's 8 o'clock in the morning and today is Tuesday. It is time to get up because you are going to daycare today. The taxi will come at 10 o'clock' (weekly message)
9.00 a.m. 'It is nine o'clock, it is time to take your medicine' (daily message)
9.45 a.m. 'The taxi is coming in 10 minutes. Remember to take your handbag and pills'. (weekly message)
5.00 p.m. 'It is Ava's birthday today, give her a call to wish her Happy Birthday' the number's in the book. (one time message)
07.00 p.m. 'It is seven o'clock - it's your gardening programme on telly.' (weekly message)
9.00 p.m. 'It is 9 o'clock, - it is time to take your evening pills.' (daily message)



To program MEM-X:

Simply open the hinged door on the back side and: Press the Menu button. Date & time are displayed, scroll through the menu. All programming options are offered.

Choose message type, (fixed, weekly, one time), date & time with keyboard.

Record your message - up to 10 seconds long - by pressing the 'record' key.

After recording, message is automatically repeated for your review. Press Ok.

MEM-X rings, press Big Blue Button to listen to the message.

This is the basket Message

This is the basket Message