How the MiniTell Daily Pill Box Works

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How the Minitell Works

Open a pdf copy of the MiniTell instructions (size 200kb).

MiniTell Dispenser

Front view of MiniTell showing the clock

Figure 1: Can easily be set to alarm five times a day or once a day for 5 days.

  • Alarm 1 for the first alarm
  • Alarm 2 for the second alarm, etc.

At the preprogrammed times the alarm and or vibrator alerts the user.

Dispenser in position

Back view of MiniTell showing 5 pill pockets

Figure 2: When the alarm sounds the user revolves the pill box to access the pills.

  • At alarm 1 select compartment 1
  • At alarm 2 select compartment 2, etc.

12 hour time - the clock is set to a 12 hour display i.e. a.m. and p.m.

The MiniTell pill box is powered by one CR2025 lithium battery (preinstalled for time function and one AAA battery for vibration and alarm sound function).

Size: diameter 80mm (3inches), height 30mm (approx 1inch)
Weight with batteries 95grams (approx 3oz.)

The MiniTell is RoHS compliant

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