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Careousel® Automatic Pill Dispensers

The Careousel® range of Automatic Pill Dispensers are manufactured in Sweden by Pharmacell Medication Systems Ltd., and distributed in the UK by Pivotell Ltd. under the brand name Pivotell®.

Pharmacell Medication Systems Head office is in the UK, and Sales office in Germany http://www.pharmacell-ms.com/

Careousel Automatic Pill dispensers are widely used throughout the UK, Scandinavia, the USA, the Middle East and New Zealand, by both Social and Health care as a component of a care package for vulnerable patients who have difficulty managing their medication.

Careousel Automatic Pill dispensers can be either stand alone or Telecare enabled. They have been shown to have a dramatic impact upon medication compliance and safety for vulnerable adults, reducing medication prompting visits, paramedic call-outs, A & E visits and hospital admissions.  Although the devices are aimed at people with poor memory such as those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, it also benefits patients with Parkinson’s, mental health issues, learning difficulties, patients with long term conditions with a daily pill regime, and the visually impaired.

New Distributors

Do contact Pharmacell if you are interested in becoming a new worldwide Distributor of the Careousel Automatic Pill Dispenser. http://www.pharmacell-ms.com/

Careousel Advance Automatic Pill Dispenser


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