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The; new Pivotell® Pharmacy Filler Tray* (click link for product information); is now available for easier filling of the dispenser trays.;  Pharmacies who don't already have a set; will ; be sent one Mk3/11 and one Advance filler tray free of charge.; If you are a Pharmacy and would like to be supplied a set, please request them on the Contact Us page; or call on 01799 550979.; 

*Design Registration no. 002551416.; Copyright Pivotell® Ltd.

Pharmacists -; Your Local Authority Needs You!

After the very successful West Midlands Pilot where Pharmacies were closely involved filling Pivotell® dispensers for the Local Authority, other regions want to do the same - and are looking for Pharmacy involvement Nationwide. (Instructional documents available).

If you are willing to fill Pivotell® Pill Dispensers for customers, Local Authority Social Services, and the NHS, let us know. (Click here.);  We are often contacted by private individuals and health and social care professionals when they are looking for a pharmacy to fill where there is no family member to do so.;  We don't publish your details on our website or pass your details to anyone who might add you to a mailing list.

Alternatively if you just want to let us know you are filling or have any questions about filling Pivotell dispensers, do get in touch.

Pharmacists have a number of options when filling Pivotell® Automatic Pill Dispensers for customers:

Two Dispensers: One dispenser is with the customer, the second is with the pharmacist being re-filled. The two dispensers are exchanged when the first is empty. Pivotell Dispensers.

Re-usable Spare Trays: These can be pre-filled by the pharmacist and sealed. They are then delivered to the customer and put into the dispenser at the correct time by a family member or suitably trained person. Spare Trays.

One dispenser: If the customer has only 1 or 2 doses daily it may be possible to schedule the return of the dispenser to the pharmacist to be immediately re-filled and returned to the customer prior to the next dosage time. In which case only one dispenser will be required. Pivotell Dispensers.

Note: The disposable trays can be used in options 1, 3 and 4 above - the trays being pre-filled in the pharmacy and loaded into the dispenser as soon as it is returned by the user, saving cleaning and time. Please note this is not currently compatible with the Pivotell Advance Dispenser.

For Pharmacists

Pivotell® supply a suggested Standard Operating Procedure for Pharmacists use in support of Pivotell® medication dispensers.

To access the video of the Suggested Standard Operating Procedure for Pharmacists' please contact Pivotell® Ltd for your user name and password. Contact us using the online form, or give us a call; to; let us know which you prefer.

Tel: 01799 550979
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Please click here to go to the password protected SOP file (You will be asked for a username and password, available from us).

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