Certificates and Awards - Pivotell Automatic Pill Dispenser

Click the here to view the latest Certificate of Antibacterial Analysis from Biocote. 

Independently tested 4 times each year to meet ISO 22196: 2011. HACCP Food Safe approved.

Antimicrobial Analysis Certificate



We are delighted to be nominated for the Naidex 2017 Professional Award

The accolade which celebrates a service, technology or product that directly benefits those working in the care, rehab, or independent living industries, making an immeasurable contribution towards the healthcare profession both now and into the future.

The Pivotell/Jointly product combines the latest technology in pill dispensers with the Jointly care coordination app.

It is an innovative collaboration, driven by input from professionals, users and carers; a tailored response to real insight into the stresses arising from medication management.

Pivotell dispensers are highly effective in helping vulnerable users to remember to take their medication. Users can now link a Pivotell dispenser with Jointly to receive real time alerts including when a dose is dispensed or missed, storing these alongside a shared calendar, task list & medication manager to help coordinate responsibilities amongst those who share the care.


http://bit.ly/2lLKkjV Source: Naidex Awards


Pivotell Automatic Pill Dispensers - Medical Device Registration

Medical Device Reg Certificate

Pivotell are pleased to announce that their range of automatic pill dispensers have obtained formal registration as medical devices.; 

The Swedish manufacturer of Pivotell dispensers, Pharmacell AB, (marketed in Sweden as the Careousel) has obtained registration from the Swedish National Authority responsible for regulation and surveillance of the development, manufacturing and marketing of drugs and other medicinal products.

The registration is valid throughout the EU.

Please see press release here and certificate here.

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emC emission and immunity, FDA
The Pivotell® dispenser fulfils all necessary requirements.

Award for 'Excellent Swedish Design 1997'

PivoTell® Limited certifies that Models 2/06, 2/06/29 and 3/07/29 are lead free and compliant with the European Union Directive 2002/95/EC for the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS)

In 1997 the Pivotell® dispenser (known in Sweden as the Careousel) was awarded the prize for "Utmarkt Svensk Form 1997"(Excellent Swedish Design). In the same year the inventors and designer received Sweden's most prestigious "Construction and Design" (2nd prize) presented by the King of Sweden.

Judge's opinion
"A product which, through safe programming and dispensing of pills frees the user and carer of the worry of non compliance. A product of simple and obvious design developed in response to an increasing demand."

Award for 'Construction and Design' (2nd prize)

Judge's opinion
"The need for assistance in health is increasing dramatically because of growing demand and insufficient health care resources."

Ingemar Hagerbro, Mats Eriksson and Gustav Wikman have together developed a pill dispenser, which by its function and design is superior to those earlier presented. Large numbers of people, particularly the elderly will be able to manage their medication themselves.

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